About Béatrice

French born, Béatrice is an Australian visual artist working from her studio in the Noosa hinterland. She paints and etches immersive abstracted imaginary energy fields to channel the quietness of life. From a previous engineering career she is now a dedicated creator using a multiplicity of mediums.

Béatrice's works celebrate the Earth. She paints semi abstracted views of our living Planet from high above and down below. Her geological, geophysical and mapping backgrounds all converge into her personal artist marks as she harnesses the physical sensory power of her mediums. Her aim is to become more sensually alive and reduce the noise and chatter of life. Béatrice's paintings are abstracted topographies of organic, mineral and aquatic presence. Her painted patterns of dense organic white marks allow us to enter a dream like state, soaring above the Earth or being fully immersed in and surrounded by water.

Based on her digital world, her prints seek out a balance between realism and fantasy to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. She etches every physical print by hand. Each one becomes a unique object as it is erased in order to be created.

Béatrice has exhibited in many solo shows and in regional galleries where she thrives in developing immersive installations of her multi media art. Her work is original, bold and contemporary.