About Béatrice

French born Australian artist, Béatrice is a multi media artist working from her studio tucked away in the Noosa hinterland. From a previous engineering career she decided to release her inner creative voice and call Australia home. Starting just over a decade ago, her paintings and hand carved works are created using her own uniquely developed techniques.

Béatrice's works celebrate the Earth landscapes and landforms till saturation and abstraction. She paints semi abstracted views of our living Planet. From high above to down below our Planet is her inspiration. Béatrice's geological, geophysical and mapping backgrounds all converge to her present personal artist marks. She works with the energy of the fluid mediums and combines them with Earth oxides powders and mineral metallic pigments. Many works show her meditative patterns of delicate organic white marks allowing us to enter a dream like state. Indeed seeing her works is to soar like in a dream above the Earth or to be fully immersed and surrounded by water. Béatrice's paintings are abstracted topographies of organic, mineral and aquatic presence. Through her paintings, she is asking the viewer to operate a scale shift as one journeys in the topographies of the canvas. From atolls submerged in tropical waters, to eroded wild coast lines, to the convolutions of organic life patterns, the scales Béatrice paints belittle human beings and show no sign of man but only his potential consequences.

Béatrice's practice is also inspired by the profound emotions felt when surrounded by Nature and the intense memories of it. From her intense awe and love of nature she creates a parallel space to allow the onlooker to enter imagination and share her wonderment. Those striking mostly monochromatic works shine through unique intense life energy. Her images seek out a balance between realism and fantasy to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. The artist experiments and explores how nature can be perceived and portrayed. The works Béatrice etches go through a metamorphosis as she physically erases those images in order to create. Bridging the gap between the digital and material world, she uses her own original photographic material to design new images that transmute reality. She carves every physical print by hand. The hand carving process can take up to a couple of weeks as her carving tool slowly finds its way expressing irreversible marks, growing deeper grooves or just barely etching the surface. Her work is original, bold and contemporary.