"Penance and Repentance" – Noosa Regional Gallery, QLD Sep 2020

An installation by French born mixed media Australian artist Béatrice Prost.

Recycling materials to create art depends on what others have used and discarded.  Making new with what can only be procured; the artist starts at the bottom of the food chain! It is a humbling journey from decay, mould, disorder, mess and chaos to cleanliness, order, purification and meaningfulness.

Joining thousands of recycled coffee capsules, Beatrice shares her penance as she repents about her love of using aluminium sheets in her own artworks. This show is her redemption as her shinning magical worlds rub shoulders with large recycled crafted pieces.

The following video documents this recycling side of my art practice: Zero Waste Art with Beatrice Prost

With thanks to the Noosa Regional Gallery.