"Telluric" Artisans Gallery, QLD Sept 2015

With "Telluric" Béatrice distillates the drama and beauty of aerial view from our Earth and Oceans. In her semi abstracted energetic works she captures a sense of magic in the majesty and mystery that such scales represent for us as human beings.

We are spoiled and almost blasé by the plethora of high quality high resolution images of our leaving planet viewed from the sky that, on a click of a mouse we can open at will in front of our eyes as if we were there. In scales unimaginable 100 years ago, as hard to comprehend and accept as the forces at play, those images depict phenomena that are so much larger than us and yet, we have become so accustomed to their "realities". If you ponder for a while, they transcend us by showing our human fragility and finiteness by invoking our planet majesty and incommensurable forces which are never at pause.

In "Telluric" Béatrice is sharing her own yearning to be submerged in the sublime in scales that surpass us. She compliments her mastery of the "mystery" by combining new mediums such as inks, graphite, liquid acrylics and oxide powders. Creating alchemy of forms and kinesis of colour that seem to melt and mingle before our very eyes. Notice the transparency of paint, the joy of the drip and splatter, the movement of the mark and the transience of colour. Using inks as water colours and blocking earthy oxides in dense layers as thick ceramic like glazes, Béatrice freeze the sense of fluidity inherent to the technique she has recently developed.