"Of Rocks & Pools" Gympie Regional Gallery, QLD Nov 2014

Beatrice's aim is to capture the synergy between rock and water, to freeze that magical balance just enough to transport you to that special place where two opposites meet. Like opening a bottle of perfume, to be moved to that state where energies linger. This is a journey of discovery of that special limit, that edge between water and rocks, where the surface tension of those two elements binds.

Inspired by recent sojourns in Tasmania and North Stradbroke as well as her exploration of our local coast, each work uses strong contrasts within the chosen mediums to symbolise the complementarities of water and rocks. Pairs such as Liquid/Solid; Soft/Hard; Ephemeral/Lasting; Light/Dark; Reflective/Absorbent; Translucent /Opaque emerge through to abstraction.

This body of works releases the essence of water, the "content" which could not be visualised and felt without the essence of the rock, the "container". The container weaknesses are the reason the content exists. Those lines of force in the rocks outlined by erosion and worked out by the water energy itself are the very reason for that same water to be delayed, gathered and captive. "Of Rocks and Pools" was born from the meeting of two opposite natural states forming a sense of sacred spaces as one cradles the other and gives it a transient life.

The "tattooed" rocks are not a mere decoration but the rendering of Beatrice's emotions as she deciphers the rocks by enhancing the energy lines written as poems and read as story lines. Every hole, shell, shadow, shallow, highlight, reflection, refraction, trace of past or present energy flow is an invite to wonder and a place to ponder.