"Out of the Blue" - Pomona Railway Station Gallery, QLD 2019

Béatrice's new series of ink paintings continue to look at our marine world above and below the water surface. They form part of the artist ongoing artistic exploration inspired by our Blue Planet environment. It harnesses the organic and mineral energy of all our unique ecosystems linked with water. The time never really stands still with water and if it does, then comes the infinity of organic life that it does support. Béatrice has always been curious of and interested in those in-between places where water shapes our Earth.

Following her artist in residence in the Blue Mountains, the other half of the show is to share her experience and works. The monochromatic blue hand carved images have been selected and designed from the artist own image databank as she climbed down and up the cliffs and walked the valley floors every days for a week. She processed the power, beauty and magic that she was submerged in this unique ecosystem of NSW. In the Blue Mountains, one has the feeling to swim above a vast sea from the top of the cliffs before getting immersed in an undergrowth of organic and mineral details.

During the residency, Béatrice challenged herself to render the vastitude of the place and its infinity of details with the minimum amount of works, lines and colours. She was drawn towards the format of monochrome blue miniatures which subconsciously brought her close to Delft cobalt blue porcelain tiles and kimono design.