"Monochromatic" - Wan'din'in Arts Space, QLD Feb 2018

Béatrice has set some limitations to her ever questioning creativity. The monochrome theme allows her to dive in deeper within her resonance with Nature. "Monochromatic" is a multi media exhibition where her cotton thread mended ceramics alternate with mixed media fluid paintings on canvas which in turn alternate with her hand carved large wall works.

Even when highly representational, monochrome artworks are not a direct rendition of their subjects and are more likely to be abstractions from reality. Despite her energetic mark makings this exhibition brings calm to the mind by its restricted colour palette. By fine tuning our receiving senses to a different perception of nature and textures, Béatrice allows us to enter imagination.

Monochrome images carry a sense of time. They can be as fuzzy as the essence of memories carried through time with those sepias and faded photographs, with this newspaper clip so fainted that it can barely be read. They are also the expression of timeless art inscribed in the big history of Art such as famous graphite, charcoal and inks drawn by the hands of the masters. They are the unique realm of expression of the first to the present printmakers. They also symbolise the signature of modern art with the two end points of the famous Malevich's "White on white" to the black textured works of the French artist Pierre Soulages.