"Oceanic Apnea" – Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, QLD, Aug 2023

Do take a deep breath and immerse yourself into another world! Coral life and its protection are the inspiration for Béatrice new series of paintings and carvings. A mixture of science and poetry she paints or carves the process of life creation, building blocks and life accretion.

Looking at the organic patterns repetition, recorded as the multiplication of thousands of mark makings, is like listening to music or poetry. You cannot make total sense unless you lose yourself in the artwork and mentally dance between the whole and the details. Like the coral grows slowly Béatrice patiently hand carves her uniquely designed pieces on aluminium using dots, lines and geometric patterns to harness the organic powers of natural life growth.

Béatrice says “I want to celebrate the beauty and fragility of the ocean reef zone. This new body of works is my emotional response to the extraordinarily bio diversity of this rich surreal Earth biotope”.