"Go with the Flow" – Hervey Bay Regional Gallery, QLD, Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

With her projection and stills, Béatrice immerses you into the unseen, untold, unheard life of diverse underwater ecosystems.

In her latest series of underwater paintings, Béatrice further explores her deepest emotions that resonate while snorkelling in coral reefs and other underwater environments. This is her way to share another world on our Blue Planet, our so called silent world. They are memories of strokes of filtered light, patterns, details, rhythms and energies that create this different world. A world other than the one where humans are so comfortable, breathing and living in their everyday air loaded habitat that they have taken for granted. Jacques Cousteau said in the eighties, long before our present time when it has become so fashionable to talk about climate change, that "Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans". In response to his words, Béatrice’s strong but delicate organic white marks drive our attention to the global crisis of coral bleaching which is caused by increased ocean temperatures.

Take another deep breath and immerse yourself in Béatrice’s video and hand carved paper stills. In "What Lies Beneath", let yourself go under as you break the perfect surface of a calm lake adorned with waterlilies. The journey is always different from what the beginning offers.

And in a last breath of air, the artist invites you to immerse yourself in, dare to walk through, touch and dance with her installation "Les Rêves Bleus" ("The Blue Dreams"). This is the Béatrice’s first large art installation. These monochromatic banners were painted during a personally stressful year. The fluid painting energy was released throughout hours in the studio tapping into a subliminal creative process where the force of the darkness was released to keep going, to heal and to repair. Now that the New Year is upon us, bringing with it hope and renewal, you are invited to move through the installation, touch the canvasses and get drawn into releasing your own subconscious, your own stories. Béatrice says, "Now that I see these paintings hanging all together, interacting with each other like flowing aquatic turquoise dreams, they bring me peace."