"Earned Magic" - The Other Art Fair, NSW March 2018

Béatrice presents her new body of works where fantasy merges with dreams and environment in monochromatic worlds. Bridging the gap between the digital and material world, she uses her own original photographic material to design new images that transmute reality. She carves every physical print by hand. Her work is original, bold and contemporary. The hand carving process can take up to weeks as her carving tool slowly finds its way expressing irreversible marks, growing deeper grooves or just barely etching the surface.

Her aluminium art explores a surreal monochromatic world, anywhere between Black and White to Blue Denim or Blue Cobalt. They are complex and potent enough to transport you into a dreamlike nature. They can take you into a void of complicated emotions through memories of landscapes or stop you in your tracks with the simplicity of the exquisite.

As when the light touches, the aluminium spell is cast. And to see her works is to earn some magic.