"Secrets of the Forest" - Eco Centre Bushland Botanical Garden, QLD July 2018

Béatrice could not stop thinking of the richness and diversity in organic details one will find in a forest, of the power of scale belittling and estranging us mere humans and of all those magical filtered shards of light.

Her hand carved series on aluminium "Silva Blues" - from the Latin "Silva" meaning forest- highlights the grandeur of our local Queenslander rainforests as looking up, one is dwarfed by the mighty trees. In contrast, the two new large hand carved works on paper entitled "Patterns of Life" and "Boulder Scrolls" are looking close to the mineral and organic hidden details in a forest.

Her mark making emphasizes the visual terms of remembrance. Those carved images are mostly monochromatic to accompany the onlooker to enter imagination. By constraining her images to black and white or shades of blues, Béatrice creates an alternate reality that accentuates forms, textures and contrasts. This obliges us to see differently and enter the poetics of space in an alternate reality. Her language refers to a wide range of universal marks found on topographic maps, tattoos, stiches, embroidery, lines and dot painting, lino carving and etching techniques.

With those irreversible mark makings, the raw surface is released from the ink to weave the stories captured into the images. Each of those marks is a new shard of light, a new note in the musicality of the original pieces. Béatrice’s artworks are all original pieces and bridge the digital with the manual touch in a unique way.